Recently Cambio was invited to Selena Gomez's Unicef Benefit Concert, and we had a blast! The energy at the House of Blues was awesome, and the acoustic concert (which also starred the hotties of Big Time Rush) was a great new way to see Selena live.

While there, Selena took the time to talk to us about a few of her upcoming acting projects this year. As you'll remember, Selena is taking a break from music to focus on her acting in 2012.

One of the upcoming roles, which shows Selena in a whole new light, is in the film Spring Breakers, also starring James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens. This movie is a much "darker" role, Selena tells us, as she ends up in a drug ring and behind bars. We can't wait to see her pull this off!

More than anything, Selena tells us she is looking for roles that are challenging and also allow her to travel and have fun. Smart girl!

We also asked Selena about her dream role, and we think you will be surprised by her response. Watch the clip to hear about where you can see her on the big screen in the upcoming year, as well as what her dream role is.