Saturday, April 28, 2012

Selena Gomez Gets Soaking Wet for Fragrance Shoot - Gather Celebs News Channel

Selena Gomez goes super sexy and smoldering, not to mention wet, for a campaign to debut her new fragrance. The singer turned actress wades waist deep in a tank of smoky purple water at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood. Wet hair, wet skin, and a clinging strapless dress make the former Disney darling look positively sultry. Sexier than ever, says Hollywood Life. Dramatic makeup and wet, parted lips turn the former starlet into a movie queen.File:Selena Gomez 2009.jpg

Selena's ever-loyal fans have had a handâ€"actually, many handsâ€"in this perfume launch from the start, including choice of the scent itself, the evening-dress bottle, and its evocative name, "Selena Gomez". Evocative of what? Of how much her fans love her, and they will think of their fav celeb all day, while they wear her perfume. "They [the fans] are the ones wearing it, so I trust them," Selena says in an interview. "Their opinions and everything that they've done for me."

And what does "Selena Gomez" smell like, with its lid spouting kisses? Raspberries and vanilla, of course, with hints of purple freesia. Clean and innocent, with just a hint of sex. And the ad shows Selena bathing in it. What's not to like?

Will Selena be wearing the scent herself? Of course she will. But the real test will beâ€"will Justin Bieber love "Selena Gomez" as much as the fans do, especially since he has a fragrance line of his own. "Someday" is evocative, too.

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