Selena Gomez getting majorly sued for a whopping $1 million over stolen music. Well,according to,it looks like popular actress/popstar Selena Gomez has recently found herself in some hot water over allegedly stealing other people’s songs. Actually,the chorus to be exact.

The lawsuit is claiming that Selena used the chorus from a song called “Buy a Dog” on her “A Year Without Rain” song. In fact,they say,it’s an exact replica of the chorus,and Selena is going to have to dish out a big,$1 million pay day if she’s found guilty of it. Her co-writers Lindy Robbins and Toby Gad are also getting sued. The plaintiffs are band members: Tom Luce, Brian Kroll, Matt Blackett, and Lawrence Riggs.

It’s also reported that this Buy A Dog song,Selena allegedly stole from, was on a number one record back in 2005,and several radio stations around the United States,including WRLT in Nashville and KFOG in San Francisco,had it on their top 10 most played records for the entire year of 2005. So,it sounds like Selena stole some good stuff,if she did,in fact,steal it. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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