Friday, May 11, 2012

Do Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez have 'mixed emotions' about their relationship? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Is there trouble in paradise? When Selena Gomez visited Justin Bieber on the set of the video for his hot new single "Boyfriend," the experience left her feeling uncomfortable, body language expert Carolyn Finch tells

"Selena and Justin may have a cute relationship, but on the set there are a lot of mixed emotions," the expert tells the website.

In pics of Selena's visit to the set, she seems excited to be around the Biebsâ€"but then his attention turns away from her and her emotions change.

"Justin and Selena may be holding hands, but he is in control of the situation," Carolyn says. "He drops her hand quickly when he has other business to attend to."

There are a million legitimate explanations for why he could have let go of her hand, so that doesn't really mean anything. And Carolyn explains that Selena looks happy once again when Justin wraps his arm around her waist and they are "walking in stride." But the Spring Breakers star looks intimidated when Justin's on-screen girlfriend walks by!

"Justin is looking up at the girl and adjusting his upper body and head as if to shake off his position," Carolyn says.

The "Boyfriend" girl is definitely cute, but Selena probably doesn't have anything to worry about. If Selena and the Biebs were able to survive his paternity drama, she shouldn't worry about a model/actress he was likely only around for a few hours! But Carolyn says that when Justin walks away again, "Selena looks like a little lost girl. She and her friend escape the situation to cool down."

Being too needy is never good, so if the body language expert is right, Selena should take it down a notch. But considering she visited Justin while he was technically working, it's most likely that he was just busy and wasn't able to devote as much time and attention to her as he would have normally. Selena is in the entertainment business, so she should understand how that works. These two have been together for nearly two years, which is an eternity at their age, so chances are good that, if the body language expert is on to something, whatever is bothering them is just a minor bump in the road and not a relationship-ender.

What do you think? Do Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have "mixed emotions" about their relationship? Could they be having problems? Sound off in the comments!

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