Thursday, May 31, 2012

Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion Thanks to Glass Wall: Selena Gomez Must be ... - Gather Celebs News Channel

Justin Bieber almost made Norway declare a state of emergency because of crazy Beliebers, but he experienced an emergency of his own in Paris - a concussion.

Poor Selena Gomez has to be distraught that she can't be by her boyfriend's side after his accident, although she might have had a good giggle about how Justin hurt himself. According to the singer, he was performing in the tallest building in Paris (which is made out of a lot of glass, of course). There was a railing behind a wall of glass that Justin went to reach for, but he didn't realize that the glass was there and nailed his head on it.

The Biebs said that he felt a little light-headed afterward but that he went ahead and performed his next song. However, when he tried walking down a flight of stairs later, he passed out and was totally unresponsive for 15 seconds. When he came to a doctor informed him that he had suffered a concussion.

So Justin Bieber once again proved just how much he loves his fans by refusing to quit performing even though he injured himself. Via phone the singer told TMZ that he feels good now and even joked, "I guess me and glass windows just really don't go together." Poor Justin has also nailed his noggin on a glass revolving door in the past, so apparently his old nemesis tried to take him down again after failing the first time. Most singers have to worry about drugs and alcohol doing them in, but the greatest threat to Justin's life might be any glass sliding doors in house. And he has a good reason to be worried about them -- a glass door did actually kill ABBA's former drummer.

Luckily Justin Bieber survived this round, and he even felt good enough to talk to TMZ about which girls are hotter: Parisians or Scandinavians. The knock on the head must have affected his thinking, because he didn't answer by saying that Selena Gomez is the only girl he cares to gaze upon. Justin seemed to be leaning towards Scandinavians, but his manager Scooter Braun decided that it was time to cut the Biebs' phone conversation short (he didn't want the singer to cause an international incident, after all).

So maybe Justin needs to hire an extra security guard to walk in front of him at all times to ensure that he doesn't get glassed again, or maybe Selena Gomez should hire one for him since she can't always be around to keep her boyfriend from busting his head on invisible obstacles.

Photo Source: Wikimedia

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