Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Selena Gomez Admits She Has 'Confidence Issues' - Hollywood Life

Selena Interview


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Even though she’s got the love of her fans and her superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena admits that she has ‘confidence issues’ and that she’s ‘made mistakes’. How shocking!

A surprising new interview has Selena Gomez admitting that she may have some deep issues with her self confidence! She says she’s worried if she’ll be funny enough in her new Funny or Die skit that’s coming out in May.

“I keep [asking] my makeup artist, ‘Am I doing a good job, is this funny?’” Selena fesses to Elvis Duran on his radio show.  “I have self confidence issues anyway, I have a feeling my fans will tell me if it’s funny or not.”

Though she always looks glam and composed on the screen and red carpet, it’s pretty shocking to find out Selena has self confidence issues. Later in the interview, Elvis asks the 19-year-old Spring Breakers star if she has any regrets yet.

“I don’t like regrets,” she says, “I mean I’ve made mistakes but everything happens for a reason.”

Is this candidness a new trend? Her boyfriend Justin Bieber recently admitted that he’s made “bad decisions,” too. Why are they being so humble, HollywoodLifers?

â€"Lorraine Chow

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