Thursday, June 28, 2012

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: Congress appearance a bit surreal - WJLA

Daybreak Daily’s afternoon glide across the pop-culture horizon finds quite the odd juxtaposition, a really good read about a former tanning queen, other things, and the mystery music video.

BIT OF A STRETCH: But it was undoubtedly funny, per Business Insider, “Rep. Luis Gutierrez used the celebrity couples' photos for a "pick out the immigrant quiz" to show the likelihood that the controversial "show me your papers" provision of Arizona S.B. 1070, which was upheld as constitutional in the Supreme Court's ruling Monday, would cause racial profiling.”

SNOOKI AND JWOWW: Nice, thoughtful profile of the two, per the New York Times, “. . . Ms. Farley and Ms. Polizzi are not noticeably different people when the cameras are off, essentially guileless and as baffled by their fame as everyone else seems to be. They protect each other like sisters and affectionately call each other “Boo.”

Now, after almost three years on reality TV â€" longer than the Mob Wives, not as long as the Kardashians â€" they are seasoned veterans of the television industry, budding entrepreneurs and perhaps a little more aware of the world than it realizes, even if they are not always aware of how they may come across.”

FAMILY BEAR: With Seth MacFarlane at the helm, this is no surprise, per the Los Angeles Times, “. . .Opening Friday, "Ted" hits all the required "Family Guy" notes: ethnic slurs, sexual gags and ridiculous farce, not to mention a few pop-culture cutaways. The movie's star is a teddy bear who comes to life when his child owner wishes he were real; years later, he's a party animal with a penchant for drugs, cheap women and anything involving Flash Gordon.”

ANOTHER GOOD READ: Look at me, per the Wall Street Journal, “Not since the days of Picasso has self-portraiture been so prevalent. Smartphones' high-quality built-in cameras and easy access to picture-enhancing apps are making "selfies" a ubiquitous form of self-expression among social-media users.”

TIMEOUT: Just the facts, per Rolling Stone, “R. Kelly was rushed back to Chicago for medical treatment after falling ill on a recent trip to New York. According to a statement released on behalf of the mutli-platinum selling R&B artist, Kelly is suffering from complications related to a surgery he underwent last year to treat an abscess on his vocal chords.”

MAKING IT OFFICIAL: Ann Curry signs off for the final time, per People (includes video of farewell), “ "This is not easy to say," a choked-up Curry, 55, announced on Thursday's show, as her costars sat on the sofa next to her. She said Thursday would be her last day as a regular on the show, but "I will still be part of the Today show family, in a different role." She said she has been "given a fancy new title" and will roam the globe for NBC, reporting the news.”

MEANWHILE: Host Matt Lauer's wife, Annette Roque, supposedly is watching closely, per Radar, “She fears the replacement will be none other than Natalie Morales, the woman Lauer was not only accused of having an affair with, but also fathering one of her children. Morales has been a regular fixture on the show for a few years now and was upset she didn't get the co-host gig after Vieira left. It's now rumored she's threatening to quit the show if she doesn't get the job even though Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are the front-runners.”

BUSTED: So unkind, per TMZ, “Snoop Dogg was detained at an airport in Norway this morning ... after customs officers discovered ... wait for it ... SNOOP WAS PACKIN' WEED!!! The Agder Police Department tells TMZ ... Snoop was stopped at customs at the Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand ... where officials discovered 8 grams of weed. According to the cops, anything less than 15 grams is merely punishable by a fine.”

OBIT: Those of a certain age will remember the theme song, per the AP, “Don Grady, who was one of television's most beloved big brothers as Robbie Douglas on the long-running 1960s hit "My Three Sons," died Wednesday. He was 68.”

AND FINALLY: Today’s mystery music video.

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