Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Justin Bieber Snaps at Fans while Waiting for Selena Gomez (Video) -

Justin Bieber has been tweeting a lot lately about his love for his fansâ€"after all, his album "Believe" is about to be released, and he's trying to make his Beliebers feel like they're a very important part of the record. However, he wasn't quite as kind to the fans who accosted him while he was waiting for Selena Gomez at the Toronto airport.

Despite his previous bad experiences with walls of glass, he decided to perch himself on top of one while waiting to pickup his girlfriend. He managed to avoid getting injured by his old see-through enemy yet again, but he must have been feeling threatened by the fans standing around the wall.

Some fans stood beneath it and begged Justin Bieber to come down, with one girl telling the pop star that they'd been waiting all day at the airport to see him. However, he asked her, "I am a human being, do I not have the right?" He also asked her why she was being so impatient and snapped back, "OK, I've been waiting here for my girlfriend, is that fine?"

The Biebs tried to hide his face behind a hoodie, but he just couldn't avoid the disappointed Beliebers. He told them that they were making him feel very disrespected, lobbing yet another question at them: "You guys say you're really my fans, then why are you doing this?"

So why was Justin Bieber in such a bad mood? Perhaps he was looking forward to sharing a romantic moment with Selena Gomez when she arrived at the Toronto airport and didn't want crowds of people to ruin it. Or perhaps he was just tired. The Biebs is a busy man, after all, and he's probably been stressing about how well "Believe" will do. Plus having people begging him for autographs and photos constantly probably does get tiring after a while. Unfortunately for Justin, his fans have no idea where he's coming from not being rich, beloved pop stars themselves.

But the Beliebers' guilt trip finally worked. The singer relented and came down from the wall to snap some photos with them. Unfortunately for the fans, he just couldn't bring himself to smile after they all bugged him so much. But perhaps he was just saving his smile for Selena Gomez.

You can check out the video below. So what do you think, did the Biebs deserve a moment to himself, or was he acting like a brat?

Photo Source: Facebook

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