Saturday, June 23, 2012

Justin Bieber Using Selena Gomez Look-Alike as His New 'Girlfriend'? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be quite the item, with a romance that seems to still be plenty strong, despite both of these hot topics' packed schedules. But Bieber has another "Girlfriend" in his life, too, now. No, she's not another girl competing for his affection (he already has millions of female admirers, as it is). It's his latest fragranceâ€"a follow-up to his wildly popular scent, Someday. Aside from the surely sweet-smelling spritz, which launched to much fanfare earlier this week at Macy's, it's the perfume ad that's also engaging the senses, especially since the girl in it looks remarkably like Miss Gomez.

For the campaign for his flirty fragrance, the "Baby" singer plays the ultimate guy, channeling that now-familiar and more mature James Dean-ish vibe with his coiffed hair and uber-cool, semi-bad boy appearance. The ad features a photo montage of Bieber striking some sexy solo poses and some even more sultry, up-close-and-personal shots with a certain PYT who seems to closely resemble the pretty Selena Gomez.

File:Justin Bieber, April 2011.jpgThe mystery "girlfriend" is brunette and even has some of Gomez's same facial characteristics, as can be seen via Rolling Stone's update on the beautiful-smelling endeavor. Justin Bieber, 18, obviously has a "type;" he even cast a Gomez doppelgänger for his "Boyfriend" music video. But he's denying his fragrance ad was influenced by his number one girl.

"It looks nothing like Selena!" Bieber said when he visited the ladies of The View, as Daily Mail previously reported. "It's a side profile; how do you even get Selena out of that?"

The side profile, though, is really what gives the model (who, admittedly, may look completely different from the front!) that Selena Gomez look. One thing Bieber won't be denying, though, is the importance he's still placing on giving back. Just like Someday, proceeds from his Girlfriend spritz will benefit one of Bieber's preferred charities: Pencils of Promise. Talk about a good boyfriend!

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