Saturday, June 30, 2012

Selena Gomez Answers Hotel Transylvania Q&A - BSCkids

Selena Gomez is taking her role in Hotel Transylvania seriously, which means doing press for it. While it isn’t set to open until October, Selena did attend a press junket on June 25th, answering questions about the movie and her role as Mavis. For those of you not following the movie, it was originally going to feature Miley Cyrus-who later backed out of it. Selena stepped in to do the voice of Mavis for Adam Sandler’s new movie. Mavis is a teen who falls in love with a human boy after he sneaks into the paranormal hotel. You can watch the Q&A session down below, if you wish to know more.

I am pleased to see that Selena Gomez is taking her role in it so seriously. I know it isn’t what you would call a plum role, but she knows that she has her duty and she is supporting it. I do think it is a nice break for her from her regular big projects, it sort of gives her some buffer time with a less demanding role. She hasn’t had a small-ish role in a good while and it must have been a nice break for her since she has been working non-stop despite taking a music break. You simply cannot stop Selena at all, it appears.

Are you excited for the movie? I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t. I don’t think we have enough fun and innocent Halloween films, so it is nice to see a new one is coming out. I also like the fact that they have some big stars doing the voices. That should help them in a big way. As for Selena’s role, it sounds like it will be a fun one. I don’t think we have ever seen her play a more wild or weird character and I think this will be the first one that we do see. She sounds and acts as if she is proud of her work, which I think says a lot about it already. I wish we could see it right now, but sadly no. At least we have only have a few months left until then!

article source-Disney InfoNet

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