Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Selena Gomez Gets Wet And Wild In Her Perfume Ad - Idolator: All About The Music

Selena's Work Ethic

She says she's "never worked on a song for more than two days." Read More »

Justin's Girlfriend

Justin Bieber
So the Biebs' new fragrance smells exactly like Selena, then? Read More »

Selena's Girly Scent

Her pink, kissy perfume won't ever be mistaken for cologne. Read More »

Whoa, SeGo! Easy on the perfume, there! Apparently no one has ever told Selena Gomez that a spritz or two will do, because her new fragrance ad has her literally bathing in the stuff. And that’s not the only thing Justin Bieber should be worried about â€" his significant other is looking awfully seductive as she splashes around all wet-and-wild, then gives the camera her best ready-to-devour alligator impression. It’s all set to “Love You Like A Love Song,” but it appears she wants to love us more like a Prince song. So if Justin’s perfume is called “Girlfriend,” we think Selena should name hers: “Girl I Met Out Last Night, And… Yeah…” (Or maybe just “Mariah Yeater, by Selena Gomez.”)

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