Thursday, June 14, 2012

Selena Gomez grounded and thankful - Times of Oman

She's snapping at Miley Cyrus's heels for the showbiz teen queen crown,Hollywood studios are queuing to offer her movies -” and she's the girlfriend of the world's top teenage heart-throb.

Not bad for a 19 year-old, even though she has been a professional actress since the age of seven, but according to Selena Gomez, we haven't seen anything yet.

With a best-selling album and a dozen hit movies to her credit, she has four more pictures to make this year, including the comedy Hotel Transylvania, in which she plays Dracula's daughter -” beating her friend and rival Miley Cyrus to the coverted role.

Then there's her career as a fashion designer -” currently she's in Europe to promote a new Wizard clothing range of T-shirts and casual-wear and she's also working on a new collection, Dream Out Loud, to be launched later this year.

And of course there's the charity work for the United Nations Children's Fund -” and the production company she runs with her mother and stepfather.

But what really makes millions of teen fans green with envy is that she's going steady with 19-year-old Justin Bieber,pop star and actor, who was recently voted the sexiest teenager in the world!

The couple deny rumours that they're engaged, but Selena is often seen at Justin's $6 million Hollywood home. Previously she dated Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers pop group and had also been linked with Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

Selena says she has always wanted to be in show business. "My mum was an actress and when I was seven I loved watching her rehearse her lines. Being an only child I had to find ways to entertain myself and put on little plays.-

She says she was also obsessed with Judy Garland's performance in The Wizard of Oz.-Judy was the main reason I became a performer. I started to collect books about her and her records. I so wish I had met her.-

Selena's other childhood heroine was Friends star Jennifer Aniston. "I watched episodes of the show 100 times.-

Selena says: "I always knew what I wanted to do. I think you can be a lot more fearless with these decisions when you're younger. My mum kept me at school as long as possible so that I got a pretty normal childhood.

"A lot of kids made fun of me because my first job was in a kids' show they all watched. But you learn to cope with all that.

I've had to get used to the fact that the paparazzi always follow me, particularly when I'm out with Justin. I don't like it at all but it comes with the job. I think I'm pretty boring for a teenager, really! I just do normal things and I'm not into the party scene.

"My job's so crazy that in my free time I just like to stay in and watch movies.
"For other young people in show business, I think it's a little crazier than it is for me. I think the bigger you are the harder it gets to maintain some kind of normality.

"In my world there are a lot of things available to me but having caring and supportive parents reminds me that I'm really just a kid. "I'm fully aware that all this fame and fortune could be taken away from me in the blink of an eye which is why I have the attitude of being grateful for every single day.

"If I hadn't gone into showbusiness I would have loved to have gone to culinary school and been a chef. I cook at home , but I don't have the time to become very good,- she admits.
As the child of a broken home, Selena was raised by her single mother but she has kept in regular contact with her father ever since her parents divorced when she was five.
Her stepfather, Brian Teefey, runs her production.

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