Monday, June 11, 2012

Selena Gomez launches her perfume in a crop top at Macys New York - Sugarscape

But smartens it up with a blazer

Ther have been a few times where we've chosen pretty questionable outfits to wear to the office, and chucked a blazer over the top in the hope that nobody will notice our grubby I HEART MAJORCA t-shirt and not-so-chic Lion King leggings underneath.

Selena Gomez opted for the same tactic, when she threw on a boob-tube and shorts for her fragrance launch in New York, then remembered she's supposed to be a business woman for the day so flung on her trusty blazer.

selena gomez launches her perfume in macys new york

The power of a sturdy tailored shoulder and lapels.

Obviously we're massively talking out of our arse and Selena looks stylish and beautiful as always, but it's nice to try and make celebrities stoop to our level sometimes.

Selena was launching her debut fragrance Mesmerize at Macys in New York

selena gomez launches perfume in macys new york

Tweeting that she had the "best fans" after learning of a pile of perfume lovers sleeping on the 34th floor to wait for her arrival, Selena spent time chatting, posing and signing autographs with fans at the launch.

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