Saturday, June 30, 2012

Selena Gomez Releases Fragrance TV Spot - BSCkids

Selena Gomez has just released her first perfume and we have seen as everything from the print ads to behind the scenes. So just when we think we have seen it all, she releases her TV spot for her self titled fragrance. The romantic ad shows Selena showing off a more sultry side of her that we haven’t seen much of at all. She wears a beautiful gown, which is the same one in the print ads and shows off the inner mature side of her scent for the adults in the world, while showing the fun side via the strange bottle that it comes in. You can watch the TV spot in the video down at the bottom of this post.

I personally like the ads and TV spot, my only major issue is the bottle. I know I have already talked about it before, but you can clearly see that it does not match the persona she is trying to sell with the scent. Now with that being out of my way, I really do want to try her scent. I have a feeling that it will smell lovely and be good for a wide age group, much like she wanted it to be. Since she has worked long and hard on it, it is great to see that they are putting a lot of effort into getting it out there to the consumer. I hope that they do find success with it, since I am sure that is something that she wants.

How do you like the TV spot? Is it too much for Selena Gomez or not? I don’t think so, she is going to be 20 and I think she has handled growing up nicely at a slow pace. She certainly could have done a lot worse with it and I am proud to say that she did not. So I am not going to say that she isn’t doing the normal thing because I think what matters the most is how she’s grown up in front of the camera. Now I am curious as to what it smells like. Have any of you bought it and if so, is it as good as it sounds?

article source-Disney InfoNet

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