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Afternoon Buzz: Selena Gomez's Nail Polish Line, Jessica Simpson's Trip To The Gym - Ology

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On Jul 03, 2012

Alec Baldwin gets a pretty funny Vanity Fair cover story. I wonder what he's been up to lately. [Copious]

Hey Simon Doonan, what do you know about the hotel industry?

Give an average bloke a room key and a mint on his pillow and suddenly that person turns into a rule-breaking, wild-eyed, Charlie Sheenian sexual outlaw. Stick an average broad in a hotel bar and she turns into Rielle Hunter. A friend of mine who works in the hotel industry keeps me abreast of all the latest trends in anti-social and revolting guest behavior. According to my “hospitality insider,” nefarious guest activities are only becoming more foul and disturbing. Though he enjoys his work, he has started to feel somewhat constrained, specifically in regard to fabric choices. Whether for upholstery, drapes, or bedding, every textile he selects must now be BCP-resistant, by which he means resistant toâ€"drumrollâ€"blood, cum, and poo. [Slate]

Former teenage prostitute to the international soccer stars Zahia Dehar reinvented herself as a lingerie designer. She showed her second collection last night at Paris Couture week. [Daily Mail]

I feel like I'm committing some serious girl-on-girl crime here by showing you this, but Jessica Simpson doesn't look like she's even close to reaching her weight goal of 130 lbs, proving Weight Watchers only works if you spend hours upon hours working out every day. I hear that's kind of hard when you have a newborn. Don't sweat it, Jess. [WWTDD] 

The Daily threw up an article alleging LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault of having an affair with Le Figaro Editor Virginie Mouzat, who occasionally writes about the brands Arnault owns. The article seems to be taken down, so either he paid for it to go down he threatened the publication to removed untrue allegations. Hmmm... [The Cut]

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were (probably) too busy fucking to get their asses to the Stephane Rolland couture show on time, which started an hour late. They managed to catch the finale. [@WWD]

Riccardo Tisci cast a series of non-white ladies like Liya Kebede, Ajak Deng, Joan Smalls and Cora Emmanuel to model his most recent Givenchy couture collection, which included beaded fringe and leather embroidery. A-maze. [Style]

Katie Holmes broke free from her marriage just in time to judge designers on Project Runway. Seriously though, did you know Scientologists think they're extraterrestrials that are, like, trillions of years old? Fucking Tom Cruise, man. [Fashionista, Wiki]

This guy tried to make Facebook new friends with total strangers on the street, but it only worked after he gargled some Scope, proving people really do care about personal hygiene.   [YouTube]

Can we all maybe stop talking about women "having it all" because we're not all exactly the same and that term takes different meaning for everyone? Yea? Perfect. [Jezebel] 

Selena Gomez will collaborate with OPI on a new nail polish collection. The logo is a little too flashy for my taste, but I'll wait to see the shades to judge. [HL]

Nicole Richie looked good from the waist up for a House of Harlow meet-and-greet in Australia. The leather bellbottoms kind of threw me off. [StyleWatch]

Somewhere in the world, there is an Alexander McQueen-inspired dress made entirely out of gummy bears. 50,000 gummy bears, to be exact. [Racked]

Alberta Ferretti's Fall 2012 ads are pretty. [Copious] 


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