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Demi Lovato Talks To Self About Selena Gomez & Self Harm - BSCkids

Demi and Selena

Demi Lovato has been a close friend to Selena Gomez for years, but back in 2009 the girls had a falling out and things never went back to be the same. So when Demi was being interviewed by Self, they asked her all about their friendship. Demi answered that they still are friends, but just are no longer as close as they once were. Beyond that, Demi also talked about her personal struggles and why she did do self-harm, something that was documented by the media for a good while. You can catch more info on what she had to say about her diet now, life and why she went public from the start in the video down below, along with why she started to cut. As for her comment on Selena, we will share this quote with you.

Selena and I aren’t as close as we used to be, but she’ll always have a place in my heart

It is nice to see that Demi Lovato is still friends with Selena Gomez and maybe one day they will be able to recapture their lost super close friendship. But until then, I do think Demi has to see the changes she has made in her life and have everyone around her adapt. She is no longer the girl that she used to be and I think that has to put a strain on many things in life. As for her talking about her disorder and cutting, she seems to be doing well with admitting it and speaking out about it. Hopefully she can reach out to those teens who are much like her and are in need of dire help. If she can set herself as the example, then she should keep talking about it to keep it in the forefront. Sort of like Tracey Gold.

How do you feel about her interview? Should she and Selena keep working on their friendship? I say so, but I know that Selena must feel like she doesn’t know Demi anymore. It has to be strange, even if they have worked out some of the issues. Friendship counseling might be a good start. As for her being so honest and open, I am sure many of us can agree that we support it. It is part of the healing process for her and might save other lives. I am all for her dedication to the cause and her music, both which she is passionate for.

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