Friday, July 13, 2012

Justin Bieber Describes Perfect Woman on Japanese Talk Show; Selena Gomez? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Justin Bieber was interviewed by a Japanese talk show host on Thursday, and he was asked to describe the perfect woman. Do you think he described his girlfriend, Selena Gomez? There are some very definite similarities between the woman the Believe singer described during his interview and the woman Selena Gomez is.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Justin said he likes a combination of assets.

"I like smart girls, someone who can hold a conversation, who is beautiful inside and out," the Profile PictureBiebs said.

When he was asked to define "beautiful," he could have simply shown the talk show host a picture of his own Selena Gomez.

"Beautiful eyes, beautiful lips," Justin said.

Since Selena Gomez is definitely smart and incredibly articulate, and she just happens to have beautiful eyes and gorgeous lipsâ€"it certainly sounds like Justin Bieber is referring to her when describing his perfect woman.

Do you agree?

Photo Source: Facebook

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