Thursday, July 5, 2012

Justin Bieber: Does He Like Roughhousing With Selena Gomez? - Hollywood Life

Justin says he loves girls that ‘can roughhouse…’ Lindsay Lohan wants to know, is he talking about Selena?

Justin Bieber told Us Weekly that he likes “cute girls,” but he also likes “girls that can roughhouse and play around a little too!”  We’re dying to know, was he talking about his relationship with girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

We can’t get enough of super sweet celeb couple, Justin and Selena. But his recent quote has everybody wondering â€" do Justin and Selena like to roughhouse?

Even Lindsay Lohan had to know! The starlet tweeted at Justin with a picture of his quote in Us, and asked, “@justinbieber is this so?”

Justin and Selena are always adorable together, and she definitely fits the description of “cute!”  But now we’re curious â€" do these teen lovebirds like it rough?

What do you think, Hollywood Lifers?


â€" Margaret Quigley

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