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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez break break up, or Australia adventure? - ThyBlackMan

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( Well it seems Singer Justin Bieber and Star Selena Gomez have been on an international tour (of love!), while the “Boyfriend” pop sensation promotes his new album, Believe, and makes various promotional and concert appearances. And despite those split stories, it seems Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are definitely not broken up, what with their PDA in Malaysia and a reported dinner date in Melbourne, Australia.

But his romantic rendezvous with his girlfriend down under isn’t the only little item that has caused Beliebers to go crazy. The “Baby” singer, yes Justin Bieber recently went shirtless surfing and tweeted about it, and then later instituted another one of his “Random Twitter Hours” (perhaps he was bored en route to his next destination!), sending his scads of followers into a tizzy with his posts.

Nevertheless, Singer Justin Bieber was not responsible for one quite random thing that occurred in Australia. A handsome young fan who could pass for the Biebsâ€"from a distanceâ€"apparently capitalized on his heart-throb looks and decided to take the Beliebers stationed outside the entertainer’s hotel for a bit of a ride.

As CB reports, the look-alike happened to ironically be staying at the same place as Justin Bieber, and he took full advantage of it! He teased fans on the street below by waving from a window several floors up. CB even has a video of the prank, and this guy really fooled the crowd as frantic screams, shrieks and squeals soon ensued. They even started chanting “Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber!” What a trip!

The “decoy” must have gotten a kick out of it all and was obviously even resourceful enough to have his buddies film the action. Definitely worth the price of admissionâ€"or the cost of the hotel room for this Bieber wannabe.

Singer Justin Bieber is known for being a bit of a prankster himselfâ€"from planking to coning to other practical jokes. Perhaps he appreciated this little stunt pulled by his doppelgänger down under! With that Selena Gomez is also once again making name for herself. The talented woman is looking to appear in an independent film which shall be release early Jan. We hear Selena Gomez will also be working on a song with no other then Justin Bieber. In all Selena Gomez is a lucky gal. Selena Gomez will forever be part of JB life.


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