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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez break up, it could happen soon. - ThyBlackMan

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( Well indeed Pop Star Justin Bieber and Queen Selena Gomez allegedly broke up but then quickly reconciled a couple of weeks ago. But according to a new report, by this fall they could be dunzo for good!

Singer Justin Bieber is planning to dump Selena before his world tour kicks off in September because he wants to be free to date other girls, Life & Style HHL is reporting.

“Justin Bieber and Actress Selena Gomez won’t see each other for a while, and I think he’ll see other people romantically while touring,” an “insider” dishes to the mag.

And Justin Bieber have plenty of opportunities, because he’ll be using female dancers for the first time â€" and that was his idea. “He normally travels with boys,” Brian Freedman, the Believe tour’s creative director, tells Life & Style. Shady!

Life & Style’s sources claim that the Justin Bieber would rather dump Selena Gomez before the tour “than string [her] along in a stressed long-distance relationship,” because he’s so magnanimous like that. But if this report is accurate and Justiin Bieber knows he’s going to do it, why doesn’t he just do it now and get it over with? Dragging things out for another two months isn’t going to help the situation since they’re already having problems. Plus, it’s not fair to Selena Gomez.

Considering the issues they’re having with their relationship and their upcoming six-month separation during the tour, maybe a breakup is the best thing for them. And since a “friend of Selena Gomez” tells the mag that “when they’re on a break, it isn’t because they don’t love each other,” even if they do split, they could end up getting back together at some point. First love is like that.

What do you think? Will Singer Justin Bieber dump Selena Gomez before his world tour? Will they be able to overcome their issues? In all Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber will remain in the news good or bad.


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