Friday, July 6, 2012

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Make A Statement! Their Relationship Is... -

selena gomez justin bieber holding hands

Do you wanna know? We're not sure… Do you really wanna know??

Okay. There's been a ton of talk over Justin Bieber's beating heart for Selena Gomez these days.

Is he ready for something new? Is she? Are they just sick of each other??

Well, the answer definitely seems to be no. The two were spotted holding hands at Pink Pepper restaurant Thursday night! So things look good.

So why all the fuss?!

Basically, it just sounds like Justin has felt a lot of pressure from his camp to cut ties with Selenita and be a free man.

Why? Why else â€" Money, honey!!!

Sources close to the situation insist:

"People in Justin’s world think a 'single Justin' is more lucrative. With bands out there like One Direction and other heartthrobs, Justin having a girlfriend shows that he's unattainable â€" which isn't good for ticket sales, album buys and young screaming girl fans. People in Justin's camp are scared that it will ruin or stunt his career in the long run. But Justin and Selena are still in love and they are not breaking up."

As for all the drama we've been hearin' about lately, the bottom line is this:

"They are kids. Of course there are times they fight. Their schedules are the biggest problem. But he is all about her. They always hit small rough patches but then stay together."


Hey, they may be young, but they've lasted longer than some adult couples! Ha!

We've got yo' back, Jelena!! Just keep doodling those hearts and smiley faces. Make your own decisions!!

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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