Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Justin Bieber Shares About Ping Pong & Girls In Japan - BSCkids

Justin Bieber is in Japan currently, promoting his new album Believe. While he was there, they asked him about some of their most pending questions, such as girls (with him hinting at Selena Gomez, without naming her), music and ping-pong-his choice of a sport! The interview did go slow, thanks to the language barrier. But he made through it and gave them the answers they all have been waiting for a for good while now. You can even catch a sample of Justin’s sporty-ness in the video.

I am glad that Justin didn’t name Selena and that he gave them something else to talk about. This is a good way to avoid answering what you do not want to. He handled the whole thing with class and I really do applaud him for it. Not many stars would have dealt with it as well as he did. It took some real level of PR skills in order to not name name drop and to avoid the famous question of Selena, since she did go to Japan with him for a brief moment. I wonder if he could write some type of a guidebook for others to follow on that? I am sure it would sell extremely well!

How do you like how he handled the interview? I thought it was a great choice of wording and topic avoidance. He has been in the business long enough to know what does and does not work. He is smart, even if we do not technically agree with everything he has said or done. He certainly knows what he is doing and I am not worried about him losing his solid footing. He is certainly no stranger when it comes to the media. However, I think for me the real highlight was the fact that he talks about his passion for music. What to you was the highlight of the interview?

article source-Cambio

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