Sunday, July 15, 2012

Justin Bieber Talks Selena Gomez And Her Cooking & Sings Baby in Japan - BSCkids

Justin Bieber is in Japan promoting his new album Believe. While he was there, he gave a mini performance and sang an acoustic version of “Baby”. You can catch the video of that and of him being on a Japanese lunch time show! His reaction to some of the food is fun to watch. However, perhaps the biggest item of news from his time in Japan, was talking about Selena Gomez’s cooking and her best dish! Here is what he had to say about her and her cooking-along with his favorite dish of hers!

She can cook. She can cook very well, she does some wonderful potatoes with cheese.

It sounds like Justin Bieber has a lot of good to say about Selena Gomez! Too bad he didn’t say what she was good at baking, since she did share a photo of herself making some kind of chocolate treat. Maybe she could write a cookbook or do a fun cooking special? I am sure people will be interested in knowing her cooking skills and even more so since they know it has won over Justin,. After all, it is likely a hit for more reasons than just impressing Justin, it might just help some other people to learn the basics of cooking!

How do you feel about his comments? Should Selena try her hand at releasing some recipes? I say so, but I doubt she wants to be the next Martha Stewart and fears that would risk it. So I suppose I can’t say that I don’t blame her. As for Justin’s song and fun lunch, I found them really enjoyable. I hope soon enough that we get to see more acoustic songs by Justin. I feel like he hasn’t done many of them in the last year and I think most of us miss it. Acoustic are always special in their own way and he should take advantage of that for his own benefit for his career. His fans can feel the raw emotion so much better and it allows him to be more personal with his fans.

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