Saturday, July 28, 2012

Justin Bieber Writing for Selena Gomez's Upcoming Album - KOvideo revealed that Justin Bieber wrote and produced a track for Selena Gomez’s upcoming album. Justin Bieber Writing for Selena Gomez's Upcoming Album

Selena Gomez, earlier this year, stated to E! News that her upcoming album, a follow-up to 2010’s When The Sun Goes Down, won’t be an open book to her relationship with Justin Bieber. But, does that statement rule out the possibility that the Biebs could have any role? Considering the “As Long As You Love Me” singer’s part in songwriting on his recent effort, having him contribute would be in Gomez’s best interest.

Although both teen stars have been mum, recently talked about a track Bieber produced. The Black Eyed Peas’ rapper stated about his session with Bieber: "He taps me on the shoulder ... 'Yo, I want to show you this song I produced and wrote. I'm really excited about it because it's one of the first songs I produced by myself.'" went onto give his approval, explaining: "He was like, 'Yeah, I wrote it for Selena. It's great.' And it was really awesome. It was really, really dope."

There’s no word when Gomez’s album will hit stores, or if Bieber’s endeavor will make the cut. Aside from her current beau, Toby Gad and Rock Mafia are contributing to the release.

Regarding any influence Bieber could have on the album, Gomez previously explained: "It's going to be more of something that people could say, 'It could be that or it could be this or it could be that.' At the end of the day, I only make my music because I want it [to] be really fun, and if I could have people dance to it, relate to it, have a good time, that's all I want."

What type of song do you think the Biebs wrote for his girlfriend?

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