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Meet "Future Star" Madison Beer, Justin Bieber's Newest YouTube Find - Popdust

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With 25 million followers, Justin Bieber’s tweets continue to carry immeasurable clout. Even those as simple as quoting a television character’s catchphrase made most popular when he was just a toddler should lead his Beliebers to add a few new items to their Netflix queues. In 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen is the best example of the effect a single tweet from Justin Bieber can have, with “Call Me Maybe” quickly becoming a summer soundtrack staple and inspiration for endless parodies in just a few months. After Bieber and Selena Gomez repeatedly professed their love for Our Girl and her perfect pop songâ€"and proved it by posting the results of their childish fun onlineâ€"its popularity steadily grew, before reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now she’s signed to Scooter Braun’s label, booking gigs on prime-time television, and preparing to travel the world, all thanks to the supportive comments from her fellow Canadian.

But has The Bieb already moved on from his upcoming touring partner? He’s known not to have the biggest attention span, but we thought the fact that both Carly and Justin celebrate Victoria Day was enough to bond them through the end of the calendar year. Proving he’s doing his best to craft himself as a businessman, today’s recent barrage of Bieber tweets include endless praise for 12-year-old Madison Beer. The previously unknown YouTube star is now the recipient of Bieber’s social media attention, earning the hashtag “future star” and just plain “STAR.” Tell your teachers to shove it, little one. You’ve made it! Despite her age, she’s got the chops to tackle Etta James and is savvy enough to know that blending together “Boyfriend” and “Call Me Maybe” is bound to get attention from someone in Bieber’s camp. But The Bieb himself?

Reminds me of my old videos? Congrats, Madison. You might as well book the camera crew for your own 3D documentary extravaganza now. We do call bullshit on the “Caught in the Act” aspect of the Bieber-Jepsen bathroom video; the hand towel jump shot takes a lot of practice. Still, Bieber told us that he was heading to bed an hour ago but has proceeded to tweet three of Madison’s videos, enlisting Bruno Mars to check out her “Billionaire”-”It Will Rain” combo. (Who is the gang’s bedtime monitor Down Under?)

While Bieber has seen his fair share of YouTube artists, including both posers and the legitimately talented, it’s safe to say his comments will have some positive effect on young Madison’s attempt at breaking into the industry, whether it’s a record deal and subsequent world tour or that coveted follow. Her social numbers currently stand at 2,699 YouTube subscribers, and her Twitter followers have jumped by 3,000 in the last 20 minutes. This calls for a slew of overjoyed retweets from the lady herself. We can almost taste the happy tears.

How long until ITV gives us the Future Star: Justin Bieber’s Search For Great Talent?

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