Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber caught kissing in bar -

Selena Gomez is with Justin Bieber, on tour in Melbourne, Australia, and the two were spotted kissing in a bar. They were drinking, too, but fans and their moms should not get into a panic. The legal drinking age down under is eighteen, which is exactly Justin Bieber’s age. And just for the record, Hollywood Life reports, Justin’s beer choice is Heineken. Selena, 19, favors vodka cocktails. PDA was the order of the day.

The singer-actress is taking some well-deserved time off, traveling with her boyfriend as he makes yet another world tour. But the two pop stars have made the most of the trip, using his off-time to act like normal tourists. After plenty of sightseeing, they headed for a late dinner at the Stokehouse restaurantâ€"a seafood favorite on the waterfrontâ€"with more than a dozen friends and staff. The weather was fairly coldâ€"it’s winter in Australiaâ€"so Selena Gomez bundled up in a cozy, long gray sweater.

Justin looked totally himself, in his recycled red letter jacket over a hoodie and a white tee. He added a huge red ball cap with a heavy brim and “Extra-Large” printed as a logo. “They were all having a great time together,” a source told the tab. “Justin and Selena were laughing and making jokes with each other.”

After dinner, part of the gang hit a bar in the Hotel Barkley. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hung out at a corner table. This is where the beers and the vodka came into playâ€"and the PDAs. After not quite an hour, they headed back to the Olsen Hotel, where they are staying. Possibly, the pair woke up with a headache.

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