Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selena Gomez Behind Dream Out Loud Fall TV Spot - BSCkids

Selena Gomez is currently hot on “fire” and is in demand, despite no current albums. Selena currently is about to release the fall collection for her Dream Out Loud line and had to film a TV spot for it. Since her new fall collection is about to drop and so is the TV spot, they have released the behind the scenes video of it. You can see some of her collection via the video and also get a sample of what it is like to film a TV spot. The video can be found down below.

I am so happy that her line has done so well! It is a big step into a bright future of fashion for her in the long run. I can see her easily switching to a full time career in fashion later on down the road. However, I doubt we have anything to worry about that happening now. But it is good practice for her in case she does make the switch. Until then, we can enjoy buying her great collection. She knows what her fans like and she really does make some great clothes for people her age. I certainly do not see a reason for her not to expand her line, since it is doing so well and she does have some great pieces.

How do you like the video and her newest collection? I think she has done an amazing job releasing some great clothes. I love seeing what each of her collections have. So far, she hasn’t disappointed me at all and I doubt she will with this collection. She seems to know what will sell and how to make fashionable clothes that will be what teens need, regardless of what they are doing. I do wish that my local K-Mart did a better job at promoting her line, though. I sort of feel like each K-Mart is very different at how they each work her collection into their stores. Have you noticed some location’s having smaller collection than others of her line?

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