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( Well it seems Justin Bieber and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, pull no punches when it comes to showing the love for their incredible crush of fansâ€"and for each other. The hot, young couple pile on the PDA during their together time and they also prove their passion via all the available social media channelsâ€"from Twitter to Instagram to Facebookâ€"much to the glee of many of their followers.

Speaking of, the “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber singer has even admitted that the social stuff is what he owes much of his success to, given he got his start as a You Tube hit. Now, he’s an international pop sensation with an appropriately dubbed new album, Believe.

And he’s apparently more ready than ever to share and tell. Justin Bieber even recently waxed philosophical on the fame game and smartly gave his opinion about why he’s not an international man of mysteryâ€"and he’s just fine with that.

Singer Justin Bieber sat down with Forbes magazine for the June 2012 issue, where he also rocked the cover in a suit and tie, rocking that new handsome, all grown-up look! As Just Jared Jr. reports, he told the publication, “It used to be there was a mystery to the artist. Now there’s like, no mysteryâ€"the fans want the connection, they want to see you Instagramming at a coffee shop in the morning.”

Singer Justin Bieber really couldn’t be more right. Social media has changed the landscape of many thingsâ€"from advertising to communication and beyondâ€"and entertainers are not immune. They now have to (and oftentimes want to!) reach out and connect with their fan club personally, with more than just their music doing the talking. Tweets, status updates and fun Instagram pics now keep fans in the know, while perhaps compromising a bit of the personal private lives of their favorite stars.

And in Justin Bieber’s case, those countless millions of Beliebers also want to know all about his main girl, Selena Gomez. Good thing she’s just as Twitter-friendly as her “Baby” boy. With that Selena Gomez also has embrace the media in a good way. The young starlett is set to become hollywoods next rising queen. Selena Gomez also is rumored to be releasing an album sooner or later. Selena Gomez has already inspired a new generation of young women. In all Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez proves one can be young and be happily in love.


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