Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Selena Gomez New Edgy Hairstyle; 'I Love Changing My Hair' (PHOTO) - Christian Post

By Daniel Blake , Christian Post Contributor

July 31, 2012|7:42 am

The 20 year old has sported a more mature look with her new hairstyle, which has been done for her new role in film "Feed the Dog." The film is based on the novel "While I'm Dead…Feed the Dog," written by Ric Browde.

Gomez has been named as a cast member alongside Natt Wolff, who himself seemed bursting with excitement to be filming with Gomez. He recently tweeted, "Starting work on a new movie is like the first day of camp. Excited, nervous and hoping you get good bunk mates."

He also posted to the social networking site: "Today is the read through for the working titled "feed the dog" with my new friends @selenagomez and Lachlan Buchanan.Extremely psyched."


Gomez posted a photo of her new hairstyle on her Facebook account with the caption, "New hair for a new movie :) I love changing my hair!"

The cast for "Feed the Dog" is also rumored to include "Pretty Little Liar" star Lachlan Buchanan, as well as Cary Elwes. It is set to be a dark comedy tale, and has been officially described as below:

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"While trying to get into the pants of the most beautiful girl in the world, sixteen-year-old Ric Thibault ends up in the back of a limo on the road to rock'n'roll superstardom opening up for Bowie. But on the way there he hits a bump or two - a few dead Mafia hitmen here, a nymphomaniac next door there, not to mention a few dying Latin teachers, narcoleptic nuns, inept policemen, unscrupulous lawyers, buffoon reporters, huckster televangelists and greedy relatives."

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