Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Selena Gomez Releases Plans for a New OPI Nail Polish Partnership - Fanlala

Selena Gomez’s career is skyrocketing with a starring role in the new 3-D movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’, a booming clothing line and now a nail polish line.

Selena recently released plans to launch a new nail polish collection in collaborate with Nicole by OPI and she also revealed an image of the polish logo on June 30 on her Facebook page. The picture featured a pink and red design, with a headline, "Coming Soon!" With a freshly launched fragrance collection and an exclusive K- Mart clothing line, 'Dream Out Loud', Selena's move into nail polish is a great next step for her blossoming role as a businesswoman. She is keeping fans on their toes as she has yet to reveal when and where the line will be available, but the polish is sure to make a splash in the beauty world.

She recently traveled to Tokyo, Japan with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, who has also worked with Nicole by OPI to create nail polish. Like other celebrity collaborations with OPI, polish names were modeled after song titles, such as 'One Less Lonely Glitter' and 'Prized Possession Purple'. Maybe Selena's colors will include 'Who Says Red' or 'Love Me Like a Lilac'. 

What colors would you like to see Selena create?

Image Credit: OPI 

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