Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Somehow, Selena Gomez gives an impression to the general public that may be transforming from a cute and pretty Disney princess to a rebellious hot woman.

Selena Gomez is only 19 years old who was once one of the Disney princesses. She was recently seen and snapped in Los Angeles while she was sipping her iced coffee drink with a provoking and offensive shirt.

The pretty girlfriend of the young teen pop star, Justin Bieber, was wearing a white T-shirt with a cigarette smoker skull print that is teamed with the hat of a provocative skull.

A group of text was inscribed at her shirt with the words “Russian Vodka” that even adds a rebellious factor to her edgy look. The words on her shirt is not applicable in her case because she still need two more years before she can finally, officially and legally drink and sip an alcoholic drink like vodka.

Selena Gomez is one of the stars in Wizards of Waverly Place.

She became trendier with her shirt that was matched with black boots that looked as if they were cowboy boots, and a pair of blue jeans which were close-fitting to her legs.

Maybe she was encouraged to be more provocative after shooting the film scenes for the movie, Spring Breakers, that has a theme appropriate for adults. The said movie is due to be shown next year. The story of the risqué movie is basically about the three girls who want to steal from a restaurant in order for them to have money for their spring break tour. She will be joining the former High School Musical lead actress Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. The movie will be under the direction of Harmony Korine.

Her outfit was definitely miles away with the way she dressed for the party of Ashley Tisdale in Malibu to celebrate her 27th birthday. She was wearing then the peaceful and loving clothes in contrast to her skull look in Los Angeles.

To see Selena Gomez wearing edgy clothes is really shocking for most of us because we were used to see her as the sweet, cute and girly look. We were not used to see her wearing clothes that portray an image of a rebellious girl or rock star which is really a universe away from her old stuff. She was used to being seen as the Disney princess kid with a sweet smile, with a girly dress.

Is this part of the evolution of Selene Gomez since she’s already growing up?

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