Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selena Gomez Talks Hotel Transylvania At Children's Rights Event - BSCkids

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is big on charities and events for them, so they are often the prime spot to find her for interviews. That is exactly what Piper Reese was able to do at the Alliance for Children’s Rights Event. She caught up with the former Disney star and was able to talk to he about her upcoming movie, Hotel Transylvania which will open in September. Piper as usual shows off her excitement and wonderful reporter skills that proves age is just a number. Selena’s movie is her next official project set to be released and also features Adam Sandler in it as well. You can catch the interview down below.

I am glad that Selena Gomez is working so hard to promote this movie. Even though it is a smaller role and a kid’s film at that, she takes it seriously. I think she really is an example of an actress who cares about her craft, no matter how big the role is. I certainly hope this movie does well, I know that I am looking forward to it. It will be a different kind of Halloween movie and something that I think parents can feel safe allowing their kids to see. Or at least that is how I view it. I don’t see anything based on the previews or other info that could hint at it being upsetting to kids. However, I suppose it really isn’t fair to say that until I do see it.

How do you like the interview? As usual, I do feel that Piper did a great job and I am fully supporting her all the way, however the real star is Selena and she was as pleasant as always. I wonder how she feels about all of this interest in her new movie? It seems like it could be a big deal for her and the fact that people are so intrigued by it, it has to feel like an honor. Hopefully she will receive as much love for her role in Spring Breakers as she does for Hotel Transylvania.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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