Monday, July 30, 2012

Selena Gomez To Launch Phone Case Line - BSCkids

Case-Mate has partnered up Selena Gomez to design stylish cases for cell phones, smart phones and other mobile technology items. The new line will launch in September and they reportedly asked Selena to work with them due to her good track record, fashion style and, of course, her golden heart. No word on where you will be able to buy them or their price point yet, but we do expect more info on that to be released next month. As for Selena’s reaction to her new project, here is what had to say about teaming up with Case-Mate.

Fashion has become a huge part of my life, and I want to share this experience with all of my fans. I’m really excited about partnering with Case-Mate; they have so many stylish and beautiful cases that I can switch out and use to accessorize any outfit.

I wonder what her line will be called? It seems like she is excited about it and I am sure people will buy them up quickly. We all know that she has some great style and I don’t think we need to worry about her putting out ugly cases. She has great style and I can see her releasing great collections for new seasons, etc. I am pleased that she is expanding more into fashion since she seems to really have a passion for it. Now if she would just expand into women’s fashion, we can then sigh a breathe of relief. Until then, we can support each line and hope that soon enough she will expand it for us adults now that she is 20 herself.

How do you feel about this new announcement? Is it wise or not? I think it is wise since a lot of people want to switch out their electronic device cases and if she can provide us with that, then more power to her. I hope that they will stick within a reasonable price range, much like Dream Out Loud is. I think that will be what will make or break her line, just because most of her fans are not rich and are still minors, so the cheaper the better. Plus it would likely allow her to have a wider availability if it is on the cheaper end of the price spectrum.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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