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SITE: Justin Bieber Being "Pressured" to Dump Selena Gomez - GossipCop

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Know-nothing controversy mill HollywoodLife is explaining reports of Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez relationship trouble with its own unique, completely absurd spin.

The webloid claims Bieber is being “pressured” to dump Gomez.

HollywoodLife writes, “Even though Justin and Selena are madly in love, outside sources are trying to tear them apart â€" they want him to be a single heartthrob like the guys in One Direction!”

Um, some of the One Direction guys have girlfriends.

But why should HollywoodLife be expected to start paying attention to celebrity news now?

In any case, the site insists that Bieber’s “team thinks his career could be hurt by his relationship with Selena.”

A made-up HollywoodLife “source” provides this made-up “quote”: “People in Justin’s world think a ‘single Justin’ is more lucrative. With bands out there like One Direction and other heartthrobs, Justin having a girlfriend shows that he’s unattainable â€" which isn’t good for ticket sales, album buys and young screaming girl fans.”

The “source” adds, “People in Justin’s camp are scared that it will ruin or stunt his career in the long run.”

This is ridiculous.

Bieber and Gomez have dated for roughly a year and a half.

During that time, The Biebs has continued to put out hit songs, sell out concerts, and inspire actual stampedes among “young screaming girl fans.”

His relationship with Gomez has not “ruined” or “stunted” his career.

HollywoodLife has consistently been wrong about the couple, even saying last winter that Gomez had ditched Bieber at an Oscars party to boost her career.

A source close to Bieber tells Gossip Cop the theory that Bieber is being pressured to dump Gomez is “as stupid as it sounds.”

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