Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teen pop star Selena Gomez a future employee of the EPA? - FuelFix (blog)

Selena Gomez arrives on the red carpet at the 22nd Annual MuchMusic Video Awards at the MuchMusic HQ on June 19, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Selena Gomez working for the Environmental Protection Agency might seem like a nightmare for some, but it’s a dream for EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

Jackson, who has taken quite a few knocks from Republicans, industry leaders and even from her own party, told The Washington Post that she’d love to draft Gomez to be the EPA’s Youth Ambassador.

Jackson said Gomez, who is dating teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, could “expand the conversation on the environment to a whole new generation of young people who need to know why environment matters and how to take action to protect it.”

The Washington Post asked Jackson some off the wall questions about her dream job, her favorite television show and a variety of other questions.

So what’s Jackson’s dream job?

She’d love to be the chef or owner of a perpetually hip restaurant, but then again, don’t we all?

She also said the best job that she’s ever had â€" minus her current job â€" was working as a gas plant maintenance worker.

“It was my first real job, and it was between my freshman and sophomore years in college,” she said. “Nothing beats the first real job. I was a total rookie, worked hard doing manual labor in some of the hottest weather I can remember. But I could point to what I had accomplished at the end of the day.”

Jackson answered a variety of other questions, such as what’s the word she hopes people use to describe her, but you’ll have to read those on The Washington Post.

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