Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 10 Reasons To Love Selena Gomez -

It's hard not to notice this young starlet, as her vivacious self is on magazines and movie screens alike. However, there are secrets about Selena Gomez that make her more lovable than you could ever imagine. Read on to find the Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Selena Gomez.

10) She Raps To Nicki Minaj

It’s pretty ridiculous to see a Disney Chanel star rapping to “Superbass,” but it would be even more ridiculous to deny that the girl has skills. Not every Disney Princess can mimic Nicki’s trademark flow.

9) She Dates Justin Bieber

It doesn’t matter what your opinions are on JBiebs, but you have to admit, they’re a pretty adorable couple. Starting off as young friends, Selena and Justin have since grown into an unstoppable pop star duo. We love you Jelena.

8) Her Involvement In UNICEF

Gomez has a busy career, but she makes sure to make time for charity work. Selena was recently named the youngest UNICEF ambassador in history! She continues to use her power and fame to help children less fortunate than her (which makes her even more lovable.)

7) She’s Gorgeous

This one is for the boys. Regardless of your appreciation for everything else Selena brings to the table; you cannot deny that the girl is downright beautiful. It makes it even better that she preaches to young girls that being beautiful has nothing to do with appearances. Just check out the lyrics in her song, “Who Says.”

6) Her Great Friendships

It’s not surprising that Gomez is super close with the lovable Taylor Swift and the beautiful Demi Lovato. However, it is nice to know that the superstar is a stellar friend. When Lovato struggled a few years back, Gomez’s support was unwavering. Plus it seems like they have a great time together, even though they’re all super famous.

5) She Used To Be A Child Star

The young star was even younger when she got her acting debut on the hit children’s show Barney & Friends. In this rough tape, as much needed evidence, we see Selena learning about sharing her toys with children who don’t have any of their own. I guess her passion for UNICEF started pretty early on.

4) Her Deliciously Bubbly Pop Songs

If you love Selena, you know exactly what we mean about her delicious pop songs. We don’t need a million anthems about necessary political change. Sometimes all we need is a song to boost our mood and our confidence. Not to mention a good track to sing to while we’re driving with our friends. Check out “Bang Bang Bang.”

3) She Loves Her Fans

There is nothing better than a celebrity that loves us back. It’s nice to know that the absurd heartfelt love we feel for Selena is not unrequited. Not to mention her love for us brings the little gem to tears.

2) Her New Clothing Line

Gomez’s new fashion line “Dream Out Loud” is now exclusively at Kmart. She refuses to design anything that she wouldn’t wear herself and you’ll come across her modeling her own clothes in some of the advertisements. Not to mention she didn’t make it too pricey. Just think about it as the closest thing to borrowing her clothes. Check it out here!

1) She’s Actually Talented

Even with the other nine reasons aside, Selena is one heck of a gifted girl. Winning over 11 prestigious awards and nominated for countless others, Selena is not undeserving of her beloved fans for her acting and musical fame. Plenty of celebrity kids seemed to sneak their way into the business, but Gomez has worked her way to the top based off of sheer talent and drive. Way to go girl.

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