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Bailee Madison: I Keep In Touch With Selena Gomez - Celebrity Teen Scoop

Bailee Madison Out and About in NYC

Adorable child actor Bailee Madison recently talked to BOP and Tiger Beat about her new film Smart Cookies and her friendship with Selena Gomez. The 12-year-old actress â€" who had a recurring role in Wizards of Waverly Place â€" revealed she and Selena still keep in touch.

She shared “I do still talk to her, we keep in touch! I’m always supporting her, I think she’s amazing!”

Regarding Smart Cookies â€" which premiered on the Hallmark Channel on August 18 â€" she said it’s a great family movie.

“It’s about the Girl Scouts 100 year anniversary! It’s about a woman who all of a sudden is asked to lead a Girl Scout troop. These Girl Scouts are misfits. The woman has to take care of them! She helps the girls a lot, and the girls help her learn about herself, too. It’s a great family movie â€" it’s going to make you laugh AND cry!”

She added, “We shot it in Vancouver, Canada, and we shot a lot of it outside. There was a lot of mud… and rain… and lightning. My boots got REALLY dirty. My entire Girl Scout outfit was covered head-to-toe in mud. What you see in the movie is real mud on me!”

When asked what beauty trend she is loving at the moment she replied, “I’m obsessed with nail art! You could ask my mom, I have nail polish bottles all over the house! I change my nails all the time. I love lip gloss and lipstick a lot, too.”

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