Thursday, August 23, 2012

'Diva' Selena Gomez Refuses To Film Movie Scenes 'Because It's Too Hot ... - Entertainmentwise

'Diva' Selena Gomez Refuses To Film Movie Scenes 'Because It's Too Hot Outside'?


Selena Gomez is known for being an 'innocent' Disney queen, however it seems that her fame may have started to go to her head just a little bit, as it's now been reported that she's been issuing some rather odd demands on the set of upcoming movie 'Parental Guidance Suggested'.

We personally can't imagine Bieber's other half to be anything less than super nice, but according to Star Magazine, a source has said that Selena has been 'refusing to shoot scenes because it's too hot outside'. Oh dear!

“Selena told the director it was flat out too hot for her to deliver a good performance and wanted to wait for the temperature to cool down,” a source tells Star.

“Everyone else was out there, ready to shoot the scene, but Selena refused to leave her air-conditioned trailer. They were all furious at having to wait around all day until the sun went down just because of her.”

Do you really think Selena would leave the rest of the cast and crew hanging because she didn't want to shoot the scenes there and then? Let us know your thoughts...

Meanwhile, Selena and superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber have bagged the eighth 'most powerful couple' according to Billboard today (August 23).

The showbiz pair have had more than their fair share of ups and downs throughout their 18 month relationship so far â€" are they on a break? Are they moving in? Bieber getting fined here there and everywhere. The questions continue...

However, they're very much still together and now have a brand new, rather powerful status to add to their relationship. And here at Entertainmentwise we couldn't agree more!

Selena Gomez is all 'loved up' with Biebs!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leave restaurant in Beverly Hills, July 22 (Splash)

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