Saturday, August 25, 2012

Does Selena Gomez Fear Justin Bieber if a Split Occurs? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Does Selena Gomez fear serious repercussions if she breaks up with Justin Bieber? That's what one source says, and it doesn't all ring completely false.

According to a report from Entertainmentwise, Justin Bieber has changed in recent montProfile Picturehs, and Selena isn't particularly thrilled with some of those changes.

"Selena's seen a change in The Biebs," a source close to the Love You Like A Love Song singer says. "He's less kind to others, and to her, and gotten more full of himself."

Selena thinks Justin is trying to portray a 'bad boy' image and she isn't very happy about it.

"His escalating, wild-card behaviour worries her," the source explains. "He isn't the Justin she fell in love with, the 'dreamy' boyfriend she could have fun with and tell all her secrets to."

Does this mean Selena Gomez will soon part ways with Justin Bieber? Not likely. Sources say she's afraid to.

"She won't kick him to the curb hard and cold for the fear he'll get vindictive. Selena's searching for a way to break it off, remain friendsâ€"and even continue working together on projects, as they've done with tracks for her upcoming CD," the source says. "He knows things about her family life so she's worried about what he'll spill if they split."

This doesn't sound at all like the Justin Bieber millions of fans have come to know and love throughout the years, does it? And it doesn't sound like Selena either. Maybe these sources aren't feeding the media completely false statements, but they certainly don't ring completely true, either.

Do you chalk this one up to celebrity fact or fiction? And whyâ€"if it's not true (which it likely isn't) do people feel they have the right to tamper with the relationship of two seemingly harmless kids?

Photo Source: Facebook

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