Saturday, August 25, 2012

Selena Gomez' Breakup Lessons from Kristen Stewart's Cheating Scandal - Gather Celebs News Channel

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are facing breakup rumors again. So will Selena follow in Kristen Stewart's footsteps and ruin her relationship by cheating?

Surely the sweet Disney starlet wouldn't be so cruelâ€"breaking up with the Biebs might be hard to do since he can keep trying to buy Selena's love with expensive gifts and surprises (remember their Titanic date?), but Selena seems like the kind of girl who is courteous enough to dump her man before moving on to another one. However, just to make sure Selena doesn't do something stupid if she is really is aiming for a breakup, The Stir has imagined what kind of advice K-Stew would give her now that she's a pro on relationship woes.

Obviously Kristen Stewart would tell Selena Gomez not to get caught kissing someone else while wearing an item of Justin Bieber's clothing. It would be pretty traumatizing for Beliebers to see photos of Selena wearing Justin's grill and bejeweled Stewie necklace while making out with her Spring Breakers costar James Franco.

Or Kristen might actually tell Selena to get caught kissing another manâ€"even though K-Stew had to face the wrath of Twihards for cheating on Robert Pattinson, they couldn't shrug off Kristen and Rob's relationship issues as just another rumor. Getting caught with someone else might be the only way for Selena to make a Bieber breakup Beliebable. She could then have a breakdown and hide out in rehab to avoid murderous Beliebers.

Selena could also claim that Justin cheated on her firstâ€"he does seem to work with a lot of Selena lookalikes.

But surely Kristen's advice to Selena would actually be for her to tell Justin that she's ready to move on before she messes around with someone else. K-Stew was probably just looking for a cheap thrill with her little "momentary indiscretion," but hopefully now she realizes that hurting Robert Pattinson, Liberty Ross, and her fans wasn't worth it.

Photo Source: Wikimedia

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