Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selena Gomez Crushing on Ryan Lochte and His Body? Justin Bieber Jealous? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez certainly don't seem like the jealous typesâ€"or at least, the pop sensation couple has a good way of hiding any green feelings that may creep in, not only for the sake of their relationship, but also for their professional careers. After all, just recently, Bieber has gotten up-close-and-personal with several PYTs whose initials aren't S.G. for his Girlfriend fragrance ad and his "Boyfriend" and "As Long As You Love Me" music videos. Even more ironic was that the girls were Gomez doppelgängers! And Gomez has also had her smooching time with co-star Nat Wolff on the set of her new movie, Parental Guidance.

The "Baby" singer may not have batted an eye at the Wolff man (although he did visit Gomez on set, perhaps keeping a distant watch on him!). But could Olympic swimming stud Ryan Lochte be the one that finally affects the Biebs?

Not a chance!

A rumored "insider" recently told Star magazine that "Selena made a comment about Ryan, and it sent Justin into a tailspin... Knowing that she thinks that kind of buff body is hot has given him some serious motivation." The source even said he's "started a two-month plan in which he eats a ton of protein and has scheduled five workouts every week."

File:Selena Gomez December 2010 2.jpgSounds pretty intenseâ€"if it were true. Gossip Cop has debunked the report as blatantly and boldly false, with an apparently more reliable source even calling the magazine's story, "stupid."

Selena Gomez probably likes her man just the way he isâ€"plus, no matter how much protein Justin Bieber packs in, his physique will always be different from the tall, swimming bod of Ryan Lochte.

But, regardless of whether Gomez was gaga for Lochte or not, the decorated athlete did capture LOTS of attention during the recent London 2012 gamesâ€"not only for his pool prowess, but also for his hot-stuff body and cut abs, honed by years of training. His rebel-like attitude, his sometimes silly and nonsensical comments, his diamond grill (yes, like the rapper kind) and his tendency to make up phrases (jeah!) further upped his allure for someâ€"and handily quashed it for others.

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