Friday, August 24, 2012

Selena Gomez a Diva? - Gather Celebs News Channel

Is Selena Gomez becoming a diva now that she has been named as one half of the most powerful couples in Hollywood? The 20-year-old has slowly been breaking out of her Disney girl image and progressing more into a young woman with a serious career in acting. Her relationship with Justin Bieber has helped keep her in the spotlight, and has increased her popularity.

Is all the fame going to her head? Selena is currently filming Parental Guidance Suggested, and has reportedly been putting on some diva antics that would make Mariah Carey proud. According to a so-called insider, Selena wants everybody to know she is the star of the show.

"Selena told the director it was flat out too hot for her to deliver a good performance and wanted to wait for the temperature to cool down," reveals a source. According to the gossip, "Everyone else was out there, ready to shoot the scene, but Selena refused to leave her air-conditioned trailer." The source adds the rest of the cast and crew were "furious" with Selena.

The tall tale has so many problems it is hard to name just a couple. Selena Gomez is a sun worshiper. She is always out and about during the hottest parts of the day and loves to lounge poolside soaking up the rays. Selena also knows how important these next few roles are to securing her future in Hollywood. It is highly unlikely she would risk getting a bad reputation as a difficult actress.

What do you think? Is Selena transforming into a tantrum-throwing diva or is this just somebody out to make her look bad?

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