Sunday, August 26, 2012

Selena Gomez has concerns as she ponders future with Justin Bieber -

Selena Gomez is said to be between a rock and a hard place as Justin Bieber’s changing and becoming someone she doesn’t recognize anymore, according to reports this weekend. He’s not as kind to others as he once was and he’s also very full of himself, which is not the Bieber that Selena fell in love with. She’s pondering her options, but there’s a fear of backlash if she should decide to move on alone.

Selena's worked hard to kick that Disney kid status and she's been successful at this so far. She's been in a few movies where she played some very adult roles. Selena having a boyfriend that is behaving like a high school kid at times may be hard for the "Spring Breakers" star. She's put her best foot forward so that she's not known as a kid or even a teen in Hollywood now that she's 20 years-old.

For now Selena is said to be treading lightly because she worries that walking away from Bieber could bring on retaliation from the teen crooner. According to Entertainment Wise Selena has told Bieber her inner most secrets and he knows things about her family that she’d never want to be made public.

Video: Selena just turned 20 this summer an she's a mature young woman today, as seen in the video above.

According to Gather, Selena thinks that Justin is trying to send a “bad boy” image to the public and this is not at all the guy she started out with. Her best case scenario would be to stay friends with Bieber and even work on projects together, but she doesn’t think that this would be something he would do.

While the news of Selena seeing a change in Bieber probably isn’t a surprise to his fans, as his behavior in the last year seems to indicate he gets a bit unruly at times. In July he was reportedly screaming at the staff a photo shoot and the words were vulgar, according to Hollywood Life. He used some very "colorful" language on an international flight this summer and upset the other passengers, according to Before it is News.

He’s also reported as being rude to his fans in the airport a few months ago and the list goes on. This doesn’t sound like the Justin who was so appreciative to his fans when he first became famous and this is what Selena is seeing. This change in Bieber is not something that Selena understands.

Selena’s always been a bit more on the mature side than Justin. Now that she’s maturing even more as she gets older, this type of behavior coming from Bieber must seem so juvenile. Many young women her age would find it embarrassing to have a boyfriend acting out using vulgar language in public.

Whether or not the rumors of Selena contemplating leaving Bieber are true, Bieber may still need to take it down a few notches in the behavior department. What do you think?

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