Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Selena Gomez has plans; marriage to Justin Bieber placed 'on hold' -

Hold on girl’s, there is hope yet to snag Justin Bieber. Tuesday morning CelebBuzz let us know that Selena Gomez is giving girls hope with her announcement that marriage plans are not included in her immediate goals list. Girls everywhere pray for the break up of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Gomez told Teen Vogue, ““It’s really fun. I’m lucky. I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will come organically.” Selena Gomez continued “Marriage and all that other stuff I think will happen once I feel accomplished in every other aspect of my life.”

The interview covered other aspects of Selena’s life, her past, her fashion and her plans for a fourth record album. The girl has goals and is not afraid to pursue them, which is possibly what makes her one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. Placing any marriage plans "on hold" for now, makes her Selena one of Hollywood's smartest young stars.

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