Saturday, August 4, 2012

Selena Gomez Is Really Into Justin Timberlake: Sorry, Justin Bieber! - Gather Celebs News Channel

Selena Gomez better watch outâ€"she probably majorly offended boyfriend Justin Bieber by gushing about how great Justin Timberlake is.

A few weeks ago the Biebs did an interview on the radio show Mojo in the Morning, and he got extremely testy when he was told that his song "Boyfriend" sounded like something Timberlake would do. It was meant to be a compliment, but Bieber seemed to be offended by the comparison -- he ended up hanging up on Mojo later in the interview. Perhaps Justin is just upset that he can't get people to compare him to his real idol, the late Michael Jackson.

Selena Gomez was wise enough not to compare Justin Bieber to the former *NSYNC member during a recent interview, but according to Digital Spy, she did say this about the "Girlfriend" singer:

"Who I would die to work with, but I don't think he ever would - I don't even think he's doing music anymore - is Justin Timberlake," she said. "Just 'cos I love his music so much."

Selena is in luck because she doesn't have to hit the recording studio to work with Timberlakeâ€"just like her, he can make music and star in movies. So instead of trying to get the singer to record a song with her, she needs to focus on becoming his leading lady. However, it's hard to imagine the Biebs embracing this idea.

J.T. and Selena would be a pretty great combination musically, and they have something in common in both being former Disney starsâ€"Timberlake starred on The Mickey Mouse Club, while Selena got her start on Wizards of Waverly Place. And if Selena ever decides that she wants to embrace a sexier sound, J.T. is just the guy to help her do it.

So would you love to hear Selena and J.T. collaborate together?

Photo Source: Wikimedia

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