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( Well Pop Star Justin Bieber is a real ladies man, apparently. He has millions of teen girls vying for his attention, even if it only means a notice or follow on Twitter. Of course, everybody knows the Biebs is taken, but girls can still dream.
One young woman got the chance to get up close and very personal with the young singer and even got to kiss himâ€"several times. It isn’t Selena Gomez. It was another gorgeous 20-year-old named Chanel Celaya. She is the woman who co-stars in Justin Bieber short film for his song, “As Long As You Love  Me.”

Model Chanel Celaya has nothing but great things to say about Justin Bieber. The model and aspiring actress gushes, “He did smell very good.” It wasn’t just his body that smelled great.
Apparently, Justin Bieber wanted the kissing scenes to go well and took great care in making sure Chanel Celaya enjoyed the kissing. “He definitely had minty fresh breath,” says the lucky lady.

It wasn’t just his great breath and fabulous scent that made Chanel Celaya a fan. She explains how attentive he was to her in general, “If I was standing off to the side, he was like ‘Get over here. Come talk to us!’” Aww! How sweet. He even took the time to get to know her a little and asked about her favorite color and things of that matter.
Beliebers, Jelenators and Selenators are pretty dedicated groups of fans. Fortunately, for Chanel  Celaya, she did not get lambasted for making out with Justin Bieber. Whew! Fans are very possessive of the Biebs and tend to get a little irritated when he kisses other ladies. In fact, she got a ton of support and a major boost in popularity. That would be the Justin Bieber-effect.
Chanel  Celaya has no intentions of trying to land Justin Bieber for herself. She shoots down any innuendos there was more between them and says, “That’s a no-no! He’s got a girlfriend. You don’t do that.” Selena Gomez has nothing to worry about. Yes Selena Gomez is his number 1# fan and lady. We also hear Selena Gomez is ready to hit the studio again with Justin Bieber by her side. This darling couple is what is right about young hollywood today. Selena Gomez a queen along side the king of pop Justin Bieber.


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