Monday, August 20, 2012

Selena Gomez photographed shopping for sexy lingerie -

Selena Gomez was spotted stocking up on some sexy lingerie at a Victoria’s Secret on Saturday. The photos were taken by some fans that noticed the former Disney darling at the store. Shopping for lingerie is a private thing, but Selena Gomez didn’t seem to mind stopping to pose with her fans.

This, of course, comes after a moving van was spotted outside of Selena’s home, leading many to believe that she is moving in with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The particular store that she was shopping at was located in the Calabasas area, which is also where Justin Bieber’s new house is located. Could Selena Gomez be shipping for some new sexy clothes to celebrate the possible move?

Even if this particular event doesn’t give any more clues about the mysterious moving van, it certainly shows how down to earth Selena Gomez truly is. Disney certainly helped sky rocket her to fame, but she has been doing a good job at keeping her career going without the company. Even though she is a big star, she doesn’t mind stopping to pose with fans, even while out shopping for the most intimate of clothing.

Do you think Selena Gomez really moved in with Justin Bieber? Are you surprised she stopped to take photos with fans in Victoria’s Secret?

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