Thursday, August 23, 2012

Selena Gomez Reportedly Desperate to Dump Justin Bieber, But Afraid He'll ... - Gather Celebs News Channel

Is the Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber romance on the rocks, or at the very least on the ropes? Does Selena want out? Rumor has it she's fed up with her not-so-perfect "Boyfriend," but she's afraid to give him the boot. Why? And why does she want to leave him in the first place?

Although Jelena is still ostensibly ongoing, that doesn't necessarily mean they're still going strong. Although the couple claims they're still together, insiders aren't so sure. Rumor has it they're together only because La Gomez doesn't know how to do a Katie Holmes--er--make a clean break. She's desperately seeking "an exit strategy to escape Bieber's recent nasty ways and not have him to spill her secrets post-split."

"Selena's seen a change in The Biebs," tattled an inside source, "he's less kind to others, and to her, and gotten more full of himself. He isn't the Justin she fell in love with, the 'dreamy' boyfriend she could have fun with and tell all her secrets to. He knows things about her family life so she's worried about what he'll spill if they split."

Goodness. Justin Bieber--a callous, egotistical, and potentially vindictive jerk? Surely Selena must be mistaken.

Or not.

"His escalating, wild-card behavior worries her," the source continued, "but she won't kick him to the curb hard and cold for the fear he'll get vindictive. Selena's searching for a way to break it off, remain friends - and even continue working together on projects, as they've done with tracks for her upcoming CD."

Of course, it's true that JB has been criticized recently for making major faux pas. There were his infamously insensitive "Let him use Propecia!" comments about Prince William's bald spot and receding hairline. And then there were those no doubt innocent but highly controversial remarks he made about his native alleged Canadian heritage and how aboriginal people get "free gas" in Canada. Those comments brought Biebs accusations of racism. Yikes.

Oh well, there you have it. Has mega wealth, über fame, and his 18th birthday finally refashioned Justin Bieber into the megalomaniacal monster Selena Gomez wants to escape from? Or is she just bored and itching to move on? Or has Jelena simply run its course, and now it's time for both young stars to go their separate ways and find other "significant others."

What do you think?

Stay tuned.

© Hope Carson 2012

Hope Carson is the author of 2 books: A Roaring Girl: An Interview with the Thinking Man's Hooker and A Thousand and One Night Stands: The Life of Jon Vincent. You can follow her on Twitter.

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