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Fashion Police in NY, love Katie Holmes and Selena Gomez - HULIQ

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers and the rest of E!'s Fashion Police were in N.Y. and tripping over themselves to praise Katie Holmes and Selena Gomez for what they wore at appearances during this week.

The Fashion Police are still without regular member Giuliana Rancic who is over-the-moon in love with baby Edward Duke and taking a well-deserved maternity leave.

In her place for the second week in a row was Kimora Lee Simmons from the Style Network. She helped critique the Five Must See Looks of the Week.

1. Katie Holmes in Carolina Herrera at the Ninth Annual Style Awards in New York City. It was a night when Ms. Herrera was being honored. She stepped out in a two tone knee-length dress in a shirt waist style and beading at the waist to glam it up.

It wasn't Joan Rivers who had a negative thing to say about Katie. Of course she did mention that Holmes is looking super thin these days after, "...losing 165 lbs. of crazy."

Stylist George Kotsiopoulos had a bit of negativity to add to the rest of the praise heaped on Holmes and her style. "Don't you think it's a little bit mature on her? I do think she looks beautiful but I think she could have looked a bit younger.

Kimora Lee echoed George's sentiment only by way of suggesting that Katie could have chosen something else from Herrera's collection that was a bit tighter, shorter and youthful looking.

Kelly Osbourne and Joan disagreed wholeheartedly and pointed out that her look is an homage to Herrera's favorite designs that she herself wears on red carpets,

2) Selena Gomez in a strapless Atelier Versace gown with a train at the Venice Film Festival. Once again Joan raved and rather than criticizing the young Disney star for trying to play "dress-up" noted that it was an appropriate color and style for her to step up her game from a teen idol.

"I think it's amazing," Joan declared. "She looks fabulous," George added. Here it was Kelly who disagreed. While she complimented the gown and how she looked in it, she thought that it was a dress one wears at the age of 30, not 20. "You're only young for a short while," Kelly explained. Is Osbourne feeling a bit old these days?

3) Kristen Stewart in a Zuhair Murad black lace dress featuring floral embroidery on the bodice at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of "On The Road". Joan loved the look and it was George K who opened up the topic of the love scandal.

"I think it is a very smart dress to wear. It's sexy but conservative and coming out of this scandal, what a way to look super beautiful and ladylike." Kelly noted the growth of her fashion style and stated, "I think this is the best dress she's ever worn."

But the photos of Kristen without her heels on signing autographs drew unanimous criticism from the panel. "What is she, 13 years old at a bat mitzah?" " Look I know she's still young and those shoes are hard to wear all night but I hope she grows out of this."

4) Kirsten Dunst in Stella McCartney's matching shorts and top from a 2031 resort wear collection. Kirsten was making a red carpet appearance in N.Y. for the premier of her latest film, "Bachelorette".

Joan Rivers went nuts, not knowing where to begin with her critique. Too much yellow, bad choice for a red carpet in the Fall and that was just the beginning. George K chimed in with praise for the McCartney design but he zeroed in with a laser beam on the yellow suede ankle-strap pumps. "Too casual", he remarked for the red carpet.

Joan was shocked at George's approval of the outfit. "I can't believe you. That print, that print, that print..."

Kimora Simmons was in agreement with Joan and noted that with the yellow blonde hair, yellow print of the outfit and her pale skin it was all too much, "It's too much yellow, too much brass, too much blonde." Tell us how you really fell Kimora.

5) Grace Jones on the red carpet in London at the GQ the Men of the Year Award. Sporting a black gown slit up to the top of her thighs and a neckline that they almost met in the middle, Joan didn't even take a breath after the image appeared on the screen before she went off.

"She looks to me like Tyra Banks in ten years," Rivers announced, referencing the face lift on Jones that the queen of plastic surgery thought was awful. George was of another opinion.

"This is a way for a rock star to look provocative and sexy. My only criticism is that the top isn't fitted properly." To which Joan added, "Well things tend to slide at her age and it's hard to strike the right pose when you're arthritis is acting up."

What did Joan have to say last week about last week's VMA red carpet fashions? Check it out here.

Look for all the looks the Fashion Police covered in this week's show on the show's website. E! broadcasts new Fashion Police session each Friday night at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Wikimedia/David Shankbone

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