Saturday, September 1, 2012

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez drop the ball: What were they thinking? -

Justin Bieber’s latest round of using bad judgment really makes one wonder if he thinks he is above it all or if he just doesn’t think. In the picture that has lit up the social networks this weekend, Justin is holding a gun and pointing it at a man that Selena Gomez is leaning on and smiling. This picture was taken on the set of “Feed the Dog,” Selena’s latest movie, and then posted online to Twitter on Friday, according to Perez Hilton.

With the “Dark Knight” massacre along with the many recent shootings still fresh in people’s minds, this picture was far from thoughtful. People were actually angry over the lack of compassion behind Bieber by not only posing for this picture but allowing it to be posted on Twitter to boot. Is Bieber so used to being idolized that he thinks anything he does is cute?

As Hollywood Life and many other media outlets point out, Justin is a role model for many of the tweens and teens that are his fans. This doesn’t fare very well for setting an example. Today Justin is under rapid fire from critics and fans alike.

What makes him think that he is so special that posing like this wouldn’t cause a problem?
One surprising element to the picture was Selena Gomez. She is so mature and usually is credited for acting way above her peer group. She also looks to be OK with the gun in the picture, or didn’t she realize this?

In a time in history when people are trained to get alarmed when someone posts a picture online with them holding a gun, this was so against the grain of society. Bieber was not only holding a gun, but he had it pointed at a guy. A picture online like this of an unknown person would cause many to get up and arms. Here is a teen role model doing this. What do you think?

Reference: Perez Hilton, Hollywood Life

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